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Every owner would want his/her dog to smell fresh, look clean, have a sparkling teeth and soft, shiny coat. All these needs can be fulfilled with proper grooming. Like your children, your pet also needs to be pampered with shampooing and the grooming of its coat. Neatness of the pet reflects its good health. Moreover, it feels comfortable, more active and energetic, when it is kept spick and span. Here in this article, we have provided some grooming tips that will help you keep your dog healthy and neat as a new pin!

As the myth goes, it is not healthy to bathe a dog frequently. A part of it is true and other part is not. While swimming in natural water is a good exercise for a dog and can be permitted according to its tastes and climate, using soaps or shampoos on dogs regularly can be hazardous. Especially human shampoos can cause an imbalance of sweat on dog's skin and may make its skin dry and itchy, though, mild human shampoos can be used once a month. However, dog-specific shampoos are much better and are recommended to be used only once every several weeks. The medicated shampoos meant to cure particular skin-disorders are different and the frequency of their use depends on the condition of the dog.

Heir trimming
Just as we groom ourselves to appear presentable and clean, our pets also need grooming. Our pet’s fur is important, not only in terms of their looks, but also for their health. The fur on your dog’s body provides a blanket effect and keeps it warm in the cold weather. The fur is also a protection to the skin and without it, the dog would be exposed to infections and allergies of the skin.
Knowing how important dog fur is, it is important to take care of it properly. Of course, the fur adds tremendously to the looks of a dog. Think of a dog with frazzled, unkempt fur and compare it to another dog with clean, shiny and smooth fur, and you will know the difference.

Nail Trimming
Trim the nails of your dog once a month. You may trim down the nails using scissors, but clippers (designed specifically for dogs) are always better for the pet. Ensure that you do not trim the nails deep into the quick, because it may lead to the bleeding of blood. In case of an accidental injury, treat the wound by dusting the area with a blood-clotting powder. If the wound doesn’t heal after a few days, consult a veterinary doctor.

Dog cratch
There are several reasons why your dog may scratch itself a lot. Some of the major factors that influence the dog’s behavior are diet, health and its environment. All of these together play a major part in the dog’s behavior.

A dog that spends a lot of time indoors may get allergic to the carpeting of the house or the cleaning products which are used on the floor or the carpet. If your dog lies around on the carpet a lot, try sprinkling baking soda on the carpet. This will usually make a difference in the dog’s itching. If the dog stops scratching after you have used baking soda, you can continue using the baking soda on the carpeting.

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