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Our Practice offers general veterinary medical services and surgery. In our examination room we work hard to ensure that you and your pet can enter and exit safely but we really would prefer that all dogs be restrained on a leash or in a carrier and all the cats should be kept in their carriers until in the examination room itself. This is both for your safety and theirs. 

We prefer to see patients by appointment primarily but do accept emergency and walk-in examinations 
Dental procedures are performed using both hand scalar and an ultrasonic scalar and polisher. In Contrast to many other practices, only a veterinarian performs all of the dental procedures on you beloved friend.. 

Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. New technologies and new knowledge are a fact of life. We make every attempt to continuously upgrade both our facilities and our skills. Our staff members regularly attend continuing education seminars to ensure their highest level of competency. We appreciate your understanding when the doctor you may wish to see is not there at that time - please be assured that these seminars are for the benefit of your pet.

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